What will be

Twitter is an interesting medium and works ┬ámost of the time for me as I rarely have the patience to sit down and craft well-developed essays. But I’ve been getting the urge more and more to explain why I post the things I do and why I find them interesting.

Thinking ahead about the implications of what will be and creating situations to change that is a peculiarly human characteristic. Many animals do so but not to the extent that humans do to the point some members of the species spend their entire lives in what will be.

I have always been interested in the future and sci-fi. Urban planning feels like an extension of that. As social animals, ever since we settled down to start manipulating wildlife for our own comforts, we have found it useful to group together in large groups for protection and exchange of ideas. Regulating large groups of organisms requires management and with this management a large group starts to behave like an organism, greater than the sum of its parts.

And as with any organism, you cannot allow its constituents act on their own all the time so the management sets down rules, people then find the most efficient ways of moving around in their environment. People don’t randomly cut across people’s gardens and living rooms to get to where they want to go. They follow set paths like blood cells do, it wouldn’t do to let the cells go willy nilly anywhere they wanted. Here is a horrific example of when starfish limbs start doing their own thing.


It creeps me out, watch at your own risk.

Human beings are good at creating stories, to be able to look at what is true and come up with what’s not true. Sometimes for good, as in planning ahead, creating stories or anything, teaching other humans and for bad, just plain lying for ill. These stories become so powerful we invent many ways of making the stories come true.

To create anything, we have to create a story of what is not true, then use various tools to make the story true. A sculptor looks at a stone, creates a story of what they want the stone to be and make that story true. This happens in urban planning and practically every human medium.

So yes, if you followed all those convolutions, I guess this blog is about creating stories in some way.

a look at the future and human society through the lenses of science, sci-fi and urban planning plus whatever else takes her fancy